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1. A-OK is not therapy. This program is not designed for anyone with serious behavioral or emotional conditions that a medical doctor or licensed mental health practitioner would diagnose and/or treat. 

I am a certified ADHD coach. I am not a licensed therapist or medical practitioner so consult your mental health/medical professional.

I understand how debilitating trauma can be. The last thing that I want is for you to spend money on this program, see your fellow students move forward while you cannot and then have you beat yourself up about something else that you’ve not been able to complete. It can be difficult to move forward towards action with an amygdala that gets stuck in fight or flight.

That said, I have watched many students with a history of past trauma experience rebirth and reconnection with themselves through A-OK. Discovering who you are and what's important to you is a powerful foundation from which to navigate healing. What these students had in common was that they had worked with or were working with a therapist or medical professional who specialized in ADHD and trauma. I want you to be successful.❤️🐿

2. Humor is a non-negotiable for us. 😂  Life can throw us some curveballs but when we can still laugh, nothing is insurmountable. If you don’t have a sense of humor we won’t work well together. If you do, let’s have some fun!

3. No victims allowed. When you ruminate you dwell repetitively on negative thoughts. There is science behind the fact that when we ruminate, we deepen the grooves in our brain which controls our fight or flight response and we also increase our levels of bad neurochemicals such as the stress hormone, cortisol. For this reason, if you get stuck in a negative, victim story, please know that I will stop you. Think of me as your healthy brain’s advocate.😊

4. By signing this agreement you are stating that you are coachable, have a sense of humor, understand that whatever you focus on will just get bigger so you will work hard to focus on that which brings you positive emotion. You are also giving me permission to stop you if you get stuck in a negative victim story. Of course, I will always do this with a sense of humor. 😉


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Your ADHD Brain is A-OK Cohort 12.0 (Jan 23, 2024)

The quickest, simplest, most logical way to discover the brilliance and strengths of your own ADHD brain.

  • 6-Step A-OK system
  • Weekly 90-minute live group coaching with Tracy
  • Private community of ADHD women
  • Weekly accountability to get it all done
  • 3 month membership to our SAAS community upon completion of the program

Kind Words:

Everyone has been saying this, but a very heartfelt thank you. This has changed my life in little & big ways. I can see continued impacts far into the future for me and for supporting my son. Thank you for being so willing to share and connect on the level that you do.

Jody Cormier

This course is a supportive and empowering experience; I saw the process and learning environment being effective for so many participants, including myself!

Patty Williams-Cotter

Love the course! Thank you so much for helping me to see my potential and gain more confidence in making decisions about how I want to live my life. After endless sessions with psychiatrists and psychologists throughout the years, NO ONE has ever come close to what this program has to offer. Tracy, you're now officially on my celebrity crush list hahaha :)

Dr. Eva Katrín Sigurðardóttir